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Blumberg Bagley is a firm experienced in handling appeals of civil cases before the courts of appeal in Texas and the Texas Supreme Court.

Our services involve research, brief writing, oral advocacy, developing post-verdict strategies (as in after a jury verdict) to preserve issues for appeal, and participating in post-verdict or post-judgment motions (such as motions for judgment, motions for new trial, etc.).

  • Post-judgment motions
    When a trial has concluded with a jury verdict or a decision by a judge, the trial judge must finalize the case by signing a written judgment. At this point, a party unhappy with the verdict or judgment (the losing side or even the winning side) can, or sometimes must, preserve issues for appeal by filing what are called post-verdict or post-judgment motions.
  • Civil appeals
    In this procedure, a party may ask the appellate court re-examine the evidence introduced during the trial or consider whether the judge correctly applied the law during the case in the trial court. The appellate court does not consider any new evidence during the appeal. A court of appeals must then decide to affirm, modify, or reverse the trial judge’s decision or remand the case for a new trial.