Blumberg Bagley also handles litigation involving creditors and debtors and collections.

Whether you are claiming your right as a creditor or enforcing your right to collect a debt, we are ready to assist. This area of law may involve the following:

  • Creditor’s rights
    When a customer fails to pay his or her debt to a provider of goods or services, a business has several options available for collecting payment on the debt that does not require filing a suit in court. When these options fail, the creditor can then file a case in court.
  • Suits to collect debts
    In the usual case, a creditor files a suit to collect a debt from a party as a last resort after it has exhausted other remedies that do not involve taking the issue to court. If the creditor is able to prove its claim or if the debtor fails to contest the claim, the creditor will be given a judgment entitling it to collect payment for the debt in different ways, such as foreclosing on property involved in the debt and using the proceeds to pay off the debt at issue.
  • Post-judgment remedies to enforce judgments
    When a creditor obtains a judgment to collect payment from a debtor, but is not able to recover payment for the judgment, there are various methods under the law to help the creditor enforce the judgment.