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Blumberg Bagley also provides help in handling disputes relating to consumer transactions, deceptive trade practices, warranties, landlord-tenant matters, wrongful foreclosure, security interests, unfair debt practices, and usury.

Our firm handles all disputes that necessitate litigation such as those involving business contracts, contracts to sell land, the purchase of consumer goods, the lending of money, etc. We have experience with consumer issues such as illegal debt-collecting practices, breach of warranty, and/or other litigation involving consumer rights.

  • Texas Debt Collections Act/federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
    This law is designed to help consumers who are harassed by debt collectors or victimized by the illegal practices of debt collectors. They can file suits against these debt collectors to stop them from intimidating the consumers further.
  • Deceptive Trade Practices Act
    This is a law that enables consumers to sue businesses or people who deliver goods or services that fail to meet the standard or quality that was promised in the contract, in the brochure, in their sales pitch, etc.
  • Usury
    When people are charged more than they should pay in connection with a loan or when they are charged high interest fees that are prohibited by law, consumers can sue the lending party for usury.
  • Breach of Warranty
    Similar to breach of contract, breach of warranty occurs when the manufacturer’s or the seller’s warranty for a particular product or service does not meet the standard or quality promised to the consumer.

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